DataGen is a highly specialized company that provides advisory services, processing and analysis of large amounts of biological sequence data, analysis of protein structures. In addition, we have a multidisciplinary team for the development of e-Services, developing mobile apps and development of tools for computational biology. Services that are required for projects of next generation sequencing, modeling homology / ab initio molecular dynamics, molecular docking, development of software for computer for purposes of research and development of biotechnology products in the biomedical, agricultural, pharmaceutical and biotechnology area biology. Our services are divided into those with standardized procedures and tailored services for evaluation for a quote service.

Services Stats

Genomic Projects
Structural Projects
Software Projects
Consulting Projects

Main Areas

* Assemble. DataGen performs sequence assemblies using the latest tools available in the market. Analysis of sequence data from Roche454 platforms, Illumina, PacBio. Obtained from bacteria, animals and plants. Ab initio assemblies and with reference genomes. Metagenomic assemblies.
* Annotation. DataGen takes note of assemblies from genetic or exome sequences. We have developed tools to manage sequence annotation and make diagrams of metabolic pathways involved.
* Differential expression. DataGen analyzes the differential expression from exome, venn graphics and custom development to analyze the identified genes differentially tools.
* Sequence Analysis. Comprehensive sequence analysis, multiple alignment, phylogeny services, analysis and prediction conservation reasons and secondary structures.
* Molecular Modeling. Developing automated molecular models, low homology models, models of membrane protein. Evaluation of three-dimensional models and refinement of structures. Developing models of chimeric proteins for biomedical, agricultural and biotechnological applications.
* Molecular Dynamics. DataGen performs simple and complex thermodynamic assemblies (DNA /proteins /waters /lipids /ions /ligands) and performed molecular dynamics to analyze movements of the molecule, flexibility, transport calculations molecules, binding energy calculation, pH effects, prediction mutations, chimeric biomolecules assessment.
* Molecular Docking. Develop prediction of protein complexes / protein, protein / DNA, molecular docking of compound libraries to 100 and molecular mass docking library from ZINC (thousands to millions of molecules). In addition we have developed for analysis tools accelerate the analysis of the results, chemometric analysis, clustering results, design validation experiments.
* Development in ruby platforms. Ruby application development platforms for real-time analysis and access to backend processing code for front-end display. Use good practice tools development, GIT intone with maintenance documentation and test code.
* Development of mobile apps. Mobile application development on Android and IOS environments, branding and centralized database connection data.
* Development of Bio-Software. In the era of high-throughput analysis of biological data, the most important concept is the functional interpretation of biological data and automatic management through biocomputacionales systems developed on programming languages that allow it to develop its analysis to measure.
* Molecular Biology. We have a multidisciplinary team that allows us to be specialists in molecular biology, drug discovery and biopharmaceuticals and transport proteins.
* Specialists. Computer specialists in virtualization and high performance computing, web development platforms python or ruby, development platforms real-time analysis of “big data”, developing mobile apps.
* Innovation Projects. In addition, we specialize in developing innovative projects and research. As specialists in disruptive technologies in the area of molecular biology, computational biology and information technology.

International Certifications.

DataGen provides structured based services and high standards of quality, reliability and safety as part of their management and provision of research and bioinformatics services, ensuring support and confidence, that allows us to maintain sustainable business relationships and long-term our clients.
Our services and industry R & D, require performance standards globally, to ensure compliance with laws, with continuous technical reviews by independent entities accredited in Europe and USA, ensuring its objectivity and reliability that our customers have rated, validated and supported for years.
Certification on international standards ISO 9001: 2008 certification in the process, to manage processes DataGen, planned levels of international standards way, providing services with high standards not only in quality but also in reliability and safety in handling for your information, throughout our value chain.
The confidential handling of customer information, is ensured by the management approach systematized low safety standards in the management of the ISO 27001: 2013, through international certification, confidentiality agreements, and intelligent surveillance development services.
Reliability is a fundamental attribute of our value chain, that is unmatched in the industry, with solid service policies to protect the data and intellectual property of our customers.

Single Testimonials

We have used the services of DataGen to develop a design project of biopharmaceuticals, the services were performed to measure and report satisfactory to us providing easily understandable results!
Oliberto Sánchez, Bertos Biotech
To develop 3D models of membrane proteins is the only company that has developed bioinformatics tools to deliver this service has been very useful for experimental validation by site-directed mutagenesis!
We have commissioned the design of genome data analysis and development of a portal for consultation to be implemented with our company. The work has been done well and what deadlines agreed!
David Weels, Biome