Node Program to Linking Computing Associated Specialised Services and the ICT Business Sector for Promoting Exports Using e-Services.

Fostering links between business-association specialized computer services associated with companies in the area of ​​information technologies and communication to export its range of value using e-Services.

The project is to provide tools and instances of bonding-partnership between companies developing specialized services related to computing (CASS) and companies in the information and communications technology (ICT). node_englishThis partnership between companies in both sectors will create new spin-off that will provide the service on web platforms and exporting electronic services will promote specialized human capital, also called e-Services. The link-associativity of these companies will be made by coaching workshops, exhibition services developed by companies CASS, experiences in IT development of ICT companies, and evaluation of the target market. The evaluation will take place in target markets personalized together with ProChile. In addition, a platform that fosters open innovation, where members of the node will share their ideas, build alliances and project business to a global market guaranteed by the ICT incoproración be created. To finish the project reports for teams between firms, diagnostics, roadmaps, incorporating other key partners will be developed, and will be guided in the funding application made to realize initiatives.


Planned activities for the year are approximately every 15 days, during Friday and Saturday (6 hours). And is divided into 4 stages:

  • Formation of the node (2 months).
  • Business Opportunities linkage (4 months).
  • Export on e-Services (4 months).
  • Formation of consortium (2 months).

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 Project Support by CORFO y Datagen.
Sponsored by Copeval, Innova-BíoBío , and Torneos Tecnológicos Bío-Bío.