DataGen is a company of massive biological data analysis, including Genomics, Transcriptomics, Metagenomics and digital platform development, performed by professionals with over 10 years experience. DataGen comes from services performed for research projects and industry since 2012. In DataGen we are experts in the use of bioinformatics tools and state of the art of these techniques in the implementation of these services carry an effective integration between professionals and bioinformatics computer engineers to exploit the skills of both into projects from the areas such as biological, biochemical areas, molecular biology, cell biology and development of drugs and biopharmaceuticals. Since 2015 we are working on the internationalization of our services and consolidate our position as a leader in computing, bioinformatics and statistics in the areas of Omics analysis, development of software and specialized consulting. We hope soon to be in contact with you and provide excellent service to their needs extraction of information from experiments of massive acquisition of DNA sequencing data and digital platform development for visualize and manage complex data in a friendly way. Deliver predictive models and strengthen their research and development of products with the highest quality in bioinformatics and computational biology.

Takes The Most Out of Your Data

Our team draws much information from their data, perform statistical analysis with programming languages such as exploratory data analysis, principal component analysis, cluster analysis, correlation analysis, survival analysis, hypothesis testing analysis, we use libraries processing from programming languages to develop low-level sorting and data mining.

Test Your Models

We develop systems to model your information and perform simulations in silico experimental situations, to ensure the success of your experiments and evaluate different scenarios efficiently in economic costs and time. In addition, we build predictive models with algorithms commonly used in biological systems and probabilistic methods.

Massive Data Analysis

Our team performed data analysis from biological experiments that buy large volumes of information!. Data from the DNA and RNA sequencing, and solving complex combinatorial problems. The handling of these data is complex and requires knowledge of disruptive information technologies such as virtualization and high performance computing.

Pipeline and Automation

The use of automation in our services enables us to ensure reproducibility of the results. In addition, we incorporate disruptive technologies of computing in the development of our services achieving high complexity results at lower costs. Meanwhile, the use of code lines allows us to use programs that generate innovative mixed protocols and high quality results.


DataGen is constantly innovating in the incorporation of technologies to ensure services and products with efficiency and reproducibility. From the multidiscplinariedad of our professionals we have developed and programmed services that are unique, with an originality and proof of concept that ensures updated results and high added value.

Customed and Specialized

In our team we are linked to the academy where continually prepare bioinformatics specialists, who develop research in Genomics, Metagenomics and RNA-seq analysis. Developing Bioinformatic pipelines to process sequence and metadata for optimized the desired results.


Analyzes and innovative reports from massive experimental data using computational biology applied to Genomics, Metagenomics, RNA-seq and digital platforms development. In addition, promote innovation and technology transfer management of disruptive technologies of computing services in life sciences.


Become a leader in data analysis services from mass experiments, focusing on accelerating the process of interpreting patterns from complex data and designing new therapies supported by disruptive information technologies.

Professional Services

“Our services are supported under standard platforms of Omics analysis and innovation in disruptive technologies in biotechnology and computation.”

Our services include analysis for single prokaryotic genomes, such as culture and environmental bacteria or eukaryotic analysis, such as Human genome, for genomics variant identification. Furthermore, we offers analysis of Amplicon and shotgun  metagenomic, for taxonomic profiling and metabolics pathway identification.
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We lead transcriptomics analysis for study the complete set of RNA transcripts that are produced by any kind of prokaryotic and eukaryotic genome. Currently we are focusing over data produced from RNA-seq, that is the most used approach. The analysis includes mapping, de novo assembly, annotation, differential expression, transcriptomes comparison, etc.
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Our multidisciplinary team transforms their ideas in computer analysis tools to make their programming code in languages C, python, java and ruby. We use the latest standards for the development of your project and incorporate technologies from the virtualization and high performance computing.
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We perform consulting projects genomics and drug design. We are experts in technological prospecting in the biotechnology and information technology and communications area. We perform consulting projects for the adoption of virtualization technologies and high-performance computing.
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Technology Products

Our products are aimed at accelerating the development of new therapies based on molecules and biomolecules. We convert ideas from cellular and molecular biology to computer platforms that automate processes and allow integration with computational biology tools of last generation.


Chimer Builder

The combination of fragments of proteins is a key process to generate new proteins with functions aimed at developing new drugs or performing a biotechnological process molecular biology. Chimera Builder builds your chimeric proteins, we propose construction for optimal 3D design including modeling and the plasmids sequences to produce proteins efficiently with the desired properties!


Drugs and nutrients that our body uses requires proteins carriers to enter the cell. The PharmScan platform organizes transport proteins bioinformatic analysis in technical reports easily understood performed by a team of highly experienced bioinformatics and with unique tools. These reports can be used to explore the structure-function of proteins and planning the assays to accelerate the drug design!


The design of your primers is one of the basic conditions for the development of molecular biology experiments and the generation of new diagnostic tools products. Our experience in the development of primers for real-time, site-directed mutagenesis and splitters cloning allowed us to develop this software that assists in your designs!

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